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Discover Aisgill Force

Discover Aisgill Force

  • £600

Children are free, but we need to know how many people in total to expect.

Hidden waterfalls are a fascinating feature of the limestone landscape in the Yorkshire Dales. Why not join our experienced Dales Volunteers on this 4 mile (6½ km) journey to discover the delights of Aisgill Force?

The walk passes the home of Wensleydale Cheese (think Wallace and Gromit!), and into the little village of Gayle through narrow streets between lovely little cottages.

Out of the village the walk goes through a narrow wooded gorge with steep moss and fern covered sides to the spectacular waterfalls of Aisgill Force. The return is through pleasant Dales meadows, passing field barns and farmhouses, all set in Wensleydale’ s stunning landscape.

The route includes steps, stiles, uneven ground and slight gradients across open countryside.

Please wear outdoor clothing appropriate for the weather and sturdy footwear with good grips.

Walk starts from Dales Countryside Museum.

Dogs not allowed.

Places limited; booking advisable.

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