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Presents that Protect

Looking for a gift for someone with a passion for the outdoors? What about a gift that keeps giving?

Giving a donation on someone's behalf will help us to keep going with vital maintenance work. 

Each recipient will receive a gift card of your choosing, a voucher to be spent in our online shop (for donations of £25 and over) and a Three Peaks pin badge.

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Meet Josh

Our Three Peaks Ranger

Your gift of £10 could help keep Three Peaks ranger Josh in post. His job is entirely funded through donations and because of this he only works part-time.

Though there is more than enough work for our Josh to do, we can’t give him more hours without more funds. Let’s keep the smile on his face.
Three Peaks flagstone path

For a £25 donation

Your gift of £25 could help more people walk this way - sustainably. Around 50,000 a year take on the Three Peaks Challenge – 24 miles in 12 hours – and this much-loved route requires good management to reduce damage and erosion.

Resurfacing using limestone or gritstone chippings from local quarries or recycled flagstones costs an average of £25 per metre.

For a £50 donation

Your gift of £50 could provide new waymarking in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Our finger posts are made of sustainably-sourced larch or oak and we maintain and replace around 300 each year to ensure that our footpaths are easy for people to use.

Each post costs around £50 and we'd all be lost without them, right?

For a £100 donation

Your gift of £100 could help provide a new hand gate. We maintain around 100 every year, replacing stiles with larch-made gates wherever possible as it makes routes more accessible for everyone.

At around £100 just for the materials, your gift could lead the way to making a visible and lasting impact.

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