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Guide to British Bats - FSC

Guide to British Bats - FSC

  • £400

The FSC Bats guide features all 16 British species at time of publication.

The name trail is great for identifying any bats found at rest during the day, with simple yes/no questions speedily guiding you to the colour illustrations for each species.

All British bats navigate and locate their insect prey by echolocation: making high frequency ultrasonic calls and listening for the pattern of returning echoes.

For bats in flight at night, a bat detector is a good way to identify species. So for each bat species, this guide includes both:

  • the calls typically heard when using a heterodyne detector
  • frequency range, peak frequency and sonogram when using a time expansion detector

But even without a bat detector, useful clues to species level can be gained by observing the flight pattern, emergence time in relation to sunset, habitat and location of roost.

The FSC Bats guide was produced in partnership with the Mammal Society.

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