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Guide To The Top 50 Garden Birds - FSC

Guide To The Top 50 Garden Birds - FSC

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Top 50 garden birds fold-out guide covers the commonest 50 birds found in gardens in Britain and Ireland.

Gardens are wonderful places for bird watching. Making a garden birds list is a great first step into wildlife identification. Some species, like Blackbird and Robin, are instantly recognisable. But for others you might need to take a closer look. Is that a Greenfinch or a Siskin at the bird feeder? Can you tell apart a Blue Tit from a Great Tit? How about a Bullfinch from a Chaffinch? The FSC Top 50 garden birds guide can help!

Designed for speedy bird identification with living birds in the garden, the guide features beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields. We have arranged the illustrations by size and colour. First use the dots on the left-hand side of the page as a guide to size. Then use the headings across the bottom to select the most obvious colours. We have included different forms for males, females and juveniles where appropriate. Similar looking birds, like the thrushes, pigeons and crows, are close to each other for easy comparison.

As well as the paintings, the reverse side of the Garden Birds guide contains concise notes for each species. This text covers body size, months active, markings and other clues like call and behaviour.

Confused by primary feathers, secondary feathers, crown, nape and median wing coverts? Also included are diagrams of the key parts of the upper side and lower side of birds. Many parts of a bird have familiar names, but special words are used for different groups of feathers. Practice using these names on more common birds, so when you see an unusual bird in the garden you can describe it accurately.

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